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The expectation of spending more time in the workforce made college a better investment.

But how we got to four women for every three men has more to do with biology and neuroscience.

The main idea is that women have been attending college at much higher rates than men since the 1980s, in the U. The dating pool for college-educated people in their 30s now has five women for every four men.

For people in their 20s, it's four women for every three men. In Manhattan, there are 38 percent more female college grads under the age of 25 than college-grad men, according to Birger's data. C., 86 percent in Miami, 49 percent in Washington and 37 percent in Los Angeles. that more men than women graduated from college was 1981.

I confessed that I had read a Mc Carthy novel, but I couldn’t remember which one.

He probed me for clues, but all I could come up with was that it seemed like an old Western, and maybe a key female character had died.

The mag ultimately went back and updated the piece after major backlash.

She argues that the big driver for college enrollment is the expectation of future labor force participation.

Last year, when I read the Cormac Mc Carthy book, I was preparing to move across the country, working 50-hour weeks, shedding a dysfunctional relationship, and experiencing more intense episodes of anxiety than I had in years.

Reading was one of the only things that helped to quiet the din in my brain.

In an era in which women were getting married young and having kids soon after, there wasn’t much of an expectation for long stays in the workforce.

Goldin attributes the change to the pill, which allowed women to delay marriage and childbirth.

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