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The implied pain you will suffer if you don't take pictures is greater than the pain of carrying the precious camera system you bought that evening where you had the money and was all fired up on revitalizing your purpose to do real serious photography.You will be delighted to find out this is the best article you have ever read. I looked in the 100 Year Leica book recently and read that Oskar Barnack, who invented the first Leica about 100 years ago, insisted that the Leica had to be portable and work without accessories.The competition these days for camera producers comes from smartphones.We all got one, and my own Joy Villa has gone so far that she records and edits videos on the i Phone.

Simply a camera I must say, even now after weeks use of the Leica Q, I am amazed that all I have to bring is ... This is really the (re-)fulfillment of the original vision for a new type of camera that would change photography forever after World War I.No extra lenses, no electronic viewfinder to attach, no lens cap, no nothing. I know, who could have predicted that was the exact amount of features and accessories that you needed to make a man happy is: Nothing!A perfect reportage camera I see the Leica Q more as a reportage camera than an artistic tool.That's how practical, compact and high-resolution it is.It solves a bottleneck transferring files, mixing of sound and exporting.

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