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I do love the drama tho, apologise if someone hurt by my comment.. Can't take my eyes off the prince, he is so charming,handsome and masculine.

This love drama makes my heart very happy, so terribly sad and grateful with the different episodes I've seen. The love depicted in the story is unconditional and eternal. When i heard that this drama will be watched in the abs-cbn, i was not very interested, but when i saw a copy or rather a cd of it, i told myself let see if it will convince me. First episode, i was really amazed of the story even if i dont know what is the story about.

When I saw the pictures in image gallery of this site, I had goosebumps.

Thnk you Before i didnt watch k-drama but when i started to watch Love in the moonlight im became interested. I am hoping that there is a Part 2 and Yoon Sung still in the cast. yeah he is an eye candy but he never got me hooked on him on that show even tho he is the male lead there... my only complaint here is the fate of the 2nd male lead... When this drama aired together with Scarlet heart ryeo I watched them both, but I was not very hooked to this drama compared to Koreas ratings. I feel in love with park bo gum Jin young and Kim.they're all really great actor and actress.

Those were the actual times in Korea of the first encounter between the values of Confucianism and Christianity.

Am still on episode 10, am i the only one who bothered by the fact that the crown prince was falling for ra on while he still think he's a boy?

I really can't move on in this kdrama so please give us season 2.

-love from the philippines I love this watch it several times and actress are very the song also even if i don't understand it because its korean.

In ep 8 he clearly wants to confess to hong, and then felt relief after he saw her wearing dress.

I thought that he knew all along from when she hid her hair piece under the books after her solo dance, but apparently it was never the case.

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