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This is unacceptable,” he wrote in a tweet directed at Mark Rutte’s official account.Police have detained an official responsible for protecting Mr Wilders on suspicion of leaking classified information to a Dutch-Moroccan criminal gang.Founded in 2006, the PVV has enjoyed increasing success while capitalising on concerns about immigration during the refugee crisis and a wave of Isis-inspired terror attacks in Europe, holding seats in the Dutch House of Representatives, Senate, provincial parliament and the European Parliament.DISCLAIMER: I am neither an accountant nor a lawyer. If you currently itemize deductions, but your itemized total is less than the standard deduction recently enacted into law for 2018, it may make save you some money if you shift planned charitable giving from 2018 to 2017.For 2018, it jumps up to ,000, but the standard per-person exemption goes away, and the marginal rates decrease.

We apologise for not having had broader knowledge of Dawkins views much earlier.” Although the radio station isn’t affiliated with University of California, Berkeley, local media reported it had been alerted to Mr Dawkins’ tweets about the religion earlier – including a 2013 tweet saying “Islam is the greatest force for evil in the world today”.

Mainstream parties have insisted they will not form a coalition with the PVV because of its anti-Islam stance and policies on immigration and religion.

The party’s manifesto includes proposals to close Dutch borders to all migrants and refugees from Muslim nations, banning the Quran and shutting all mosques as part of the total “de-Islamification” of the Netherlands.

This is just something I came across while calculating our own estimated taxes. The standard deduction for 2017 is ,700 for married filing jointly.

Here's something to ponder before they pass the plate this morning in church.

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Let's say your combined property tax rate, mortgage interest, and charitable contributions comes to $20,000 and you're just over the threshold for the 25% bracket, and you expect next year to be about the same.

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