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What did unite everyone though was the importance of crop gathering and the reverence in which harvest was held.

What follows are some of the better known examples from the past...

The whole community, including children, needed to help right up until the end, as lives depended on the success of the harvest.

In other regions they were thrown into a neighbouring farm that was yet to finish their own work, a boastful and enraging act.Now that most of us neither sew nor reap what we eat, it is almost impossible to imagine how crucial this time of year was in the calendar, but by knowing a little of the history and keeping these traditions alive we are honouring those who depended upon it. Harvest celebrations pre-date Christianity, but it has always been seen as a very spiritual time to give thanks for the year’s crop.Symbolic corn dolls, made out of the last sheath of the harvest, were placed on banquet tables when parishes had their huge feasts.The doll was then kept until the spring to ensure the continuation of a good crop next year.This custom began with Saxon farmers, who believed the last sheath contained the spirit of the corn.

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Of special importance were the last sheaves of corn left standing as it was often believed a Corn Spirit resided within them.

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