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I have no idea what his techniques are like, but I do know that Xuma can help diagnose a nice guy case like no other YOu know one thing I like about David Deangelo is he doesnt try to undermine other dating gurus or PUA's.

I read about so many other guys that do this with statements like "you dont have to act cocky and funny to get women if you follow my program" or this one I just read on Carlos Xumas site: "When you have REAL Game, you're not just another 'player' out there spouting lines about "who lies more" or asking her what her astrology sign is " We all know what he's talking about.

A few years back, I had what you might call a crisis.

I'm not going to bore you with all the details, but let's just say that my dating life was really empty.

(I think they call this "failure to launch.") I went out all the time and hung out with my other guy friends who had really attractive girlfriends, but I was the pitiful "lonely guy" of the group that would hardly ever get a phone number or date.

And if I did get a date, it always ended up as "friends" at the end, because I was such a "Nice Guy." But I'd also look at my guy friends who had cool girlfriends and think, "He's not all that great looking, or all that smart." So How In The World Were These Other Guys I asked myself that over and over again.

I must say this is the single best product on seduction/attraction i've ever encountered.

I have read alot of ebooks and this by far is the best.

If you want to PU, or just get better with women it is a must read.

There is not a better book out there for inner game. VAH is a great book, but to really be sound and good at it you have to read The Secrets of the Alpha Male Perfect 10/10 Broke down and bought this with the CDs and everything.

I started to get really frustrated, and then I even got angry with women over it.

I felt myself blaming them for my situation, even though I knew they weren't the problem.

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What he is going to do is he is going to tell you how to lead a life where there is no emptyness...nothing missing inside. David Deangelo gives you the furniture and Xuma gives you the foundation....although to Davids credit he does also give you some foundation on inner game but some of the advice he gives seem more geared towards reacting to others while hiding behind inner game...where carlos differs is he doesnt worry about anyone else..your own self.

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